D3DGear 5.00.2162 Full Activated

D3DGear is a very fast game recording software for PC. It allows users to record game play to movie without slowing down the game. D3DGear game recording function has very minimal performance impact on the game, it may not cause a game to lag or drop much frame rate.

D3DGear game recording produces high quality video with small file size. D3DGear game recording function supports microphone recording, Push-To-Talk recording and face camera overlay recording. D3DGear is a perfect video game recorder for gamers who want to record game play with voice commentary to a movie. D3DGear game recording software works very well with resource intensive games, such as Battlefield 1, Crysis 3, Arma III, Grand Theft Auto V, Forza Horizon 3, and many other graphically intense video games. D3DGear game recording performance is superior among other similar game recording software such as old school recording software Fraps.

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Download D3DGear 5.00.2162 Pre-Activated Full

Download D3DGear 5.00.2150 Full


  1. OMG FINALLY I FOUND A CRACKED VERSION OF 5.00. Only found on youtube 4.98 like for real. I gotta make a tutorial soon how to download 5.00 :DDD THANKS DUDE <3 <3 <3 Also make sure you visit my channel: EricPlayZ (im first on the first page :P)

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