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Hippani Animator (formerly Hippo Animator), a slick HTML Animation tool that brings life to your web pages on all platforms. Hippani Animator  is perfect for anybody who is interested in HTML animation, CSS animation, HTML5 animation, SVG animation, Silverlight animation, Flash animation, Java animation, javascript animation, VML animation, canvas animation, banner animation, GIF Animation, image to video, image to Avi, web design, graphic design, dynamic HTML, DHTML or any other kind web animation.

Hippani Animator uses an intuitive timeline system. Add key frames and sounds. Add new scenes, new timelines and controls. Add interactivity with a list of simple commands. Advanced users can use the JavaScript engine to make more complex animation and games. HTML animation is the way forward. Flash, Silverlight and Java plugins are not supported by phones, tablets or Windows 8. Hippani Animator converts your animation into a HTML page that scales to fit any web browser size. Insert animation into your own web pages with one line of code.

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