Printer’s Apprentice with Serial Key

Printers Apprentice is a fantastic font manager for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP. Whether you are a graphic artist, a publishing professional or a software enthusiast, if you have a lot of fonts, Printer’s Apprentice will help you organize your collection. Printer’s Apprentice provides a list of all the fonts installed in one folder and lets you see sample paragraphs, as well as individual glyphs. Using Printer’s Apprentice, you can preview individual fonts as a single character, character set, sample text, or keyboard layout. Printer’s Apprentice allows you to preview entire paragraphs of text on multiple lines, and easily switches from mixed uppercase and lowercase to uppercase or lowercase only; these features are much easier to use in Printer’s Apprentice than in the relatively complex FontExplorer X Pro.

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