FastCopy Pro 5.3.1 with Activator

FastCopy is a lightweight software designed to be a quick copy/delete file manager capable of copying and deleting Unicode along with MAX_PATH (260byte) pathname files.

With this program, you can be assured of 100% data integrity when you copy and delete files. This software supports long Unicode path names, and optimises the copying operation on one device or between devices of different types according to your needs.

With FastCopy, you can modify large file operations with Include and Exclude filters. FastCopy also includes a built-in job manager to streamline operations. To avoid disk thrashing and to achieve the highest possible speed, FastCopy runs only one operation at a time.

FastCopy has many valuable features, like the ability to save recurring tasks and access them via CLI switches, smart queuing when starting multiple jobs affecting one disk and skipping older files already present. Synchronise, verify and backup and restore your files with this powerful software. FastCopy also lets you compare files and check errors with any operations performed, giving you more extensive control over all copying processes.

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Download FastCopy Installer

Download FastCopy Pro Activator v1.1 by RadiXX11 [Password:RDX2023]

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