FxSound Pro 1.1.14 Full

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FxSound Enhancer (formerly DFX Audio Enhancer) dramatically improves the sound quality of your favorite media players with 3D Surround, higher fidelity, booming bass and more. That provides exceptional playback quality on your PC.

FxSound Enhancer optimizes your music in seconds. It simply runs in the background. Just turn on your music and enjoy an improved listening experience.

FxSound Enhancer brings you booming bass, crystal clear audio and high fidelity by optimizing your music in real time. That means you get a studio quality listening experience without the need for overly expensive headphones or speakers.

Changes in new version

Note: FxSound is now completely free and unrestricted. 

Download FxSound

Old versions:

Download FxSound Pro Installer

Download FxSound Pro 1.x [Generic Hook]-RadiXX11

Download FxSound Pro 1.x [Generic Hook]-bb2018

Download FxSound Pro v1.1.2.0 incl Crack-DrZerO

Download FxSound 2 v1.0.5.0 incl Crack – x64

FxSound Enhancer Premium 13.028 

DFX Audio Enhancer 13.008

Note: Run patch with administrator right

DFX Audio Enhancer 12

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