iCare Data Recovery Pro 8.3.0 with Keygen

iCare Data Recovery Software can recover any deleted file, including documents, photos, mp3 and zip files, or even folders and damaged disks. Besides deleted file recovery, it is able to restore files from system error like bad boot sector, bad MBR, bad partition table, bad MFT; Virus attacked file lost like destroyed boot sector, MBR…; human errors like format partition by mistake, delete partition accidentally…; software errors like merging partition failure with Partition Magic, resizing partition failure, copy partition failure, ghost failure…

Data Recovery Software needed for your hard drive, usb flash, memory card? Try iCare Data Recovery Pro, the professional deep scan recovery built-in software is able to recover data after delete, format, raw format, virus attack, unrecognized drive and other versatile cases when your data on your drive became inaccessible due to human mistakes or other unknow errors.


Download iCare Data Recovery Installer

Download iCare Data Recovery Keygen-BEAN

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  1. Add a New goal to donation, youre team deserves more than 100$.and when u have time go for more EaseUs cracks and android apps. I love this work, legit virustotal 2/46,not 45/46 like other site

    • Thanks bro for the kind comment

      we achieved our 2018-19 Donation goal, so its closed.

      next goal is started at the end of this year

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