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One Commander is a file manager for Microsoft Windows with function improved user interface and navigation experience, system file and manipulating the files. Utilities use the tree view to sort the folder, subfolders, and files your, make sure that the current location of you always clear. It supports multiple tabs, allowing you to easily switch between them and access the folder you need.

OneCommander requires Windows 10 or Windows 11 and .NET 4.8 framework (pre-installed on Windows 10 and 11)


  • Free for home use and no ads.
  • Commercial use is allowed with the Pro license. (What is commercial use?)
  • Privacy tldr: OneCommander is not collecting or transmitting users’ data.
  • Detailed Privacy Policy.
  • 64-bit software (x64 platform)
  • GPU Hardware DirectX accelerated where possible
  • Security: DEP (permanent); ASLR (high entropy); Memory-safe language C#/.NET


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