O&O FileErase 14.7.610 with Key

Most people aren’t aware that when you want to remove files from your PC, dragging them to the Trashcan will erase them eventually, but those files are easily recoverable, either by someone with access to your computer or when you dispose or sell it to someone else.

The application is arranged in a simple and efficient way, that is to say in structure. The looks are definitely on par with the rest of Windows 10’s interface. In fact, it looks so well integrated in the Windows 10 UI that you almost have the feeling it belongs there. O&O FileErase erases files and folders safely, reliably and irrecoverably.

The interface, aside from being trendy, is also well developed. There are no lags or stutters whatsoever. The smoothness of the application is definitely a strong point here.
O&O File Eraser is without a doubt an efficient app. It will delete and execute all the necessary actions to keep those files deleted and, as a result, will assure your privacy and your information’s security. This application should be part of every individual’s life, especially in the case of those who have a business or company under their control.

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