PC Agent 8.34 / PC Agent Server 3.51 with Keygen

PC Agent monitors and records the activities of all users on a computer unnoticed. The monitoring captures not only the most common activities like keystrokes, visited websites and screenshots, but also Internet activities such as sent and received emails and many more. PC Agent is specially designed to send the records in several different ways.
PC Agent Server receives the recorded activities from the monitoring process of PC Agent. Only one setting is required in the configuration of the monitoring. The records will be sent to the PC Agent Server as soon as the server is reachable. Furthermore, the program can archive and open the record files with the extension *.pca.

PC Agent is just one of the many such tools that logs actions that are carried out, without getting caught. The monitoring service can be installed on the target system, with a custom name and description, so as not to betray its presence in Task Manager or other applications. To restrict the user access, its configuration window is password-protected.

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