QuarkXPress CopyDesk 2023 v19.1.0

QuarkCopyDesk provides the ability to edit content without altering the layout. Use the components designated as editable, the author can modify the text, placing photos and copy exactly. QuarkCopyDesk can help writers and reviewers copy exactly the composition with QuarkXPress finally, remove the time, press the excess and the risk of error, leading to the production environment more efficient.

The process of publishing your related to the type of different collaborators such as writers, editors, reviewers, designers, and production management. While a number of collaborators using the tools text processing, the design and management of your production using QuarkXPress. If the process of your work involves sending files back and forth via e-mail and update the file processing of text in your layouts, then you are slowing down the process of its publication.

Features of QuarkXPress CopyDesk

  • Establish automated processes for accessing, reviewing, and editing layouts.
  • View content in the galley, full Screen, or WYSIWYG view – or all three simultaneously using split view.
  • Work with Microsoft Word and other standard word processors while preserving colors, styles, and formatting.
  • Add a new copy to fit the layout with unmatched precision.
  • Place electronic notes directly within the copy that can travel with the content.
  • Use redlining to track revisions, providing team members with a record of changes.
  • Import images in standard formats like native PSD and AI.
  • Make basic edits to photos, including cropping, scaling, and rotation.

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Download Quark CopyDesk 2023 Installer

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