WinNc with Patch

WinNc is an application designed to replicate the practicality and fast transfer speeds of the Norton Commander file manager and update it to meet today’s demands.

Just like Norton Commander, WinNc displays the same two panel layout allowing you to view the content of two folders at the same time, making it easy to find and move files.

WinNc maintains the simple method for copying, moving, deleting and renaming files by using the function keys on your keyboard. Unlike in Norton Commander, now, each task comes with a considerable amount of filtering options and settings.

As a file manager, WinNc doesn’t just move files around, it can also compress, link, encrypt, decrypt, convert, burn CDs, create ISO, split and merge, synchronize folders and since everyone has music on their computers, it can also create an MP3 playlist for you.

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Download WinNc with Cracked


Note: Copy the patch to installation folder and apply from there

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. patch doesn’t work

    • Tested and working on windows 10 x64 PC

      Note: Copy the patch to installation folder and apply from there

  2. It looks just can install to the default folder.

  3. Best work ever, Thanks Sir.

  4. Please help me
    I want a crack or patch for “Safeip”.

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