xplorer² Professional / Ultimate with Keygen

xplorer² is a dual-pane desktop file manager combining the simplicity of windows explorer with the speed and efficiency of traditional dual pane orthodox file managers, helping you be productive with your documents, pictures, music, source code and other files.

Unlike Windows explorer, xplorer² allows you to browse more than one folder at a time, using tabs and dual panes. Sorting out and copying files becomes a breeze.


  • Full shell namespace browser
  • Dual panes, folder tabs and Miller columns
  • Preview documents, images, music etc.
  • Fast desktop search using all file attributes
  • Folder sizes and disk space visualization
  • Synchronize folder contents
  • Search for duplicate files to free space
  • Advanced copy, delete and rename operations
  • Filename color coding and tagging
  • Execute custom commands (even DOS)
  • Macros to automate complex file management
  • Fully customizable
  • Modern ribbon UI or traditional menu bar
  • Everyday efficiency and control
  • Manage large folders with ease
  • Lightweight system resource use
  • Native 32/64 bit and Unicode versions

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Download xplorer² 5.x LicGen Ultimate and Pro v1.4- RadiXX11 [Password:RDX2023]

Zabkat is a small company. Perhaps microsoft can survive with a few people using unlicensed copies of Windows but for xplorer² one sale more or less does make a difference. If many people use pirated versions, it could be the end of zabkat and xplorer². So everybody loses.

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Download xplorer² 4.x LicGen – RadiXX11


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