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DVDFab is all-in-one DVD copying/converting/burning software. In just one or two steps, you can copy any DVD to DVDR/PSP/iPod/etc. DVDFab is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on more than 6 years of DVD copy software development. It allows you to remove all DVD copy protections, like CSS, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, CORE X2, etc. It is constantly updated to support latest DVD copy protections and has a very fast copying speed, normally it’s about 10 – 20 minutes.

Change log

Download DVDFab x86

DVDFab x86 Loader by ChVL

Download DVDFab x64

DVDFab x64 Loader by ChVL

Install Notes:

  1. Disable your internet connection
  2. Install the DVDFab
  3. Do not launch the DVDFab
  4. Copy ldrDVDFab_xxxxx.exe into DVDFab install directory
  5. Make a shortcut ldrDVDFab and place it on the table
  6. Launch the DVDFab by clicking on the shortcut
Previous Versions of DVDFab


  1. ok i think i figured it out does your internet connection have to be turned off everytime you use dvdfab or just the first time?

    • No problem for me, use 7-Zip to extract file
      after extraction copy any one of the loader to DVDFAB Installtion folder
      for more check read me file

  2. You know why I chose the best site because I was responsible and respectful and I answered everyone, now I do not see what happened anymore?

  3. I was very happy to know that you made dvdfab available that I requested with the same responsibility and efficiency. I am very grateful and congratulate everyone.

  4. When you click on the ‘loader’ link, what exactly (specifically) are you supposed to click on when it directs you to the next page? I’m asking this because there are several different prompts or pages that you can choose (and none are very specific to exactly what you are clicking on) and at least one of them is a NASTY virus’s that took me a whole afternoon just to clean up. Great site, but I just wish you would make it alittle more clear on exactly which file you are supposed to download in order to get the ‘ldrDVDfab’ loader file. Thank you.

  5. Activation info already posted in main topic

    Install notes:

    Disable your internet connection
    Install the DVDFab
    Do not launch the DVDFab
    Download the loader & Copy “ldrDVDFab_xxxxx.exe” into DVDFab install directory
    Make a shortcut ldrDVDFab and place it on the Desktop or any
    Launch the DVDFab by clicking on the shortcut

  6. the x64 crack is the only one that has never worked for me, the last version worked fine, but the crack is different, im getting a system error drivers hosts etc, then the crack seems to do what its supposed to, but i still have to activate which means no good, maybe there is something left on my pc from previous that is getting in way, how can you clean dvdfab completely from pc as ive its never beeen installed, thanks

  7. hi. I first downloaded it and installed it and the ran the patch from a site called release bb before seeing it here. its the same patch far as I can tell so don’t think that was the difference? mine is fully activated. I also have the latest 32 bit one installed, and have my antivirus turned off. I would upload a picture but cant on here.

  8. ok ive just done exactly what grey said and same result, i have x86 works perfectly the x64 im getting this error dvd patcher..cannot create file”C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts”.Access is denied
    but it does say dvd has been patched.
    maybe next version will work for me

  9. hi grey, i can now confirm that it works perfectly, all i did was navigate to the hosts file, right clicked, properties, unchecked read only, apply, ok, then reload dvdfab x64, now the patch works perfectly, i now have a 4k m2ts ripper :), nice one

    • great. used to use dvdfab a lot when backing up dvds. its the best. been using it since the old Pentium 3 days. ha. don’t use it much lately though. just download stuff,watch it then delete it. anyways. glad you got it working. enjoy.

  10. hi. not sure about this, but think I remember I had to run dvd fab twice before it was activated. @ Antonio sounds like it didn’t install right or it cant find the exe file. it should be on c drive>(the main drive that windows is on) in your program folder in the dvd fab 10 folder.

  11. this might make a difference. not sure though. after you install dvd fab. run it in trial mode first. close it. then run the patch, and run dvdfab again. if still doesn’t work, try applying patch, then restarting computer, then run dvd fab. might help

  12. DVDFab v10.0.6.x x64 Patch-BRD
    1. Install Programm, than patch.
    2. Reboot and install patch again
    3. Start DVDFab…it dont start and in Task Manager u see it´s more than 1 times startet….Reboot.
    4. Install Programm again without patch and reboot.
    Maybe i have do it 2-3 times. DONT block in Windows Firewall.
    In Windows/system32/drivers/etc chack the host file for entry: http://www.dvdfabstore.com
    When u cant save it look here…http://www.thewindowsclub.com/hosts-file-in-windows

  13. ive re installed windows as my pc was a bit sick, now its brand new im getting same error this is my error: Killed any running DVDFab processes..
    File missing! Patch Cancelled.

    x86 works perfectly

  14. hi grey, yep ive tried everything and still get the error, it just loads up as a trial, i only use it for a ripper nothing else, hopefully a x64 loader will work better


  16. I get this Windows Defender firewall “severe threat” message and it quarantines the loader file when attempting to use the x86 Loader by ChVL. Could someone explain why this is or isn’t a real threat?


  17. ok guys ive found the solution for the error, by default dvd fab put the program in c:program files, change this to just c:, now when i apply patch it works fine, job done 🙂

  18. i can confirm the x64 works fine with the previous patch, if i didnt block dvdfab64 application with advanced settings in my firewall it wont load. job done

  19. some things wrong with that new one. cant get it to log in after installing it no matter what I try. so went back to the 6.9 beta version and that one works. hmmm.

  20. didn’t work for me. older ones do, so not sure why this one doesn’t. it wont even log in to the trial after installing. keeps saying check internet settings. internet is working with all the other ones. hmm. no clue. tried everything I can think of. a little frustrating but no biggie. don’t use it much anymore and can use the older ones if I do

  21. thanks. cracksurl. installed the official version instead of the other one I tried earlier. when I first ran it it wouldn’t let me log in again. so closed it. put the patch in the dvdfab folder and ran it from that and it worked. even says activated this time. woo hoo. there is a 64 bit one for this version this time.

  22. Thanks CRACKSURL, my problem with loader10072.rar was the program unzipping “winzip 16.0”, that was ok with loader10068.rar. Thanks very much

  23. i have this error “Killed any running DVDFab processes.. File missing! Patch Cancelled”. i running on windows10 pro,
    I already tried all the forms that I read here but it does not work … any ideas? is for the x64 version

  24. when i first tried it, it didn’t work. I had previously tried the old patch with it. so reinstalled dvdfab 64 again,then used the loader and it worked.

  25. thanks. something fishy about this one. when first installed and run it, it says failer to connect to server, host file has been modified check c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc. when try the loader,same message?

  26. found the solution. followed this. applied the patch and it worked. thanks.>To rectify the situation whenever it happens again, please manually correct your HOST file, per the steps below:

    Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc;
    Open the HOST file with Notepad, and then delete all the entries about DVDFab;
    Save the modified HOST file and quit.

    Note that due to system permissions, you might need to copy the HOST file to another location, and after being modified, copy it back to replace the existing one.
    I did not have to do the copy step.

  27. when I opened host file,there was only one dvd fab entry. an internet address. I just put curser at the end of it. back spaced to delete it. then clicked to close notepad and then it asked to save changes clicked yes,and it worked.

  28. crack works.thanks. followed included instructions, but get message at bottom of program saying some products will be expired in 17549 days renew now.

  29. hi. both worked for me. had to do a fresh install of the x86 7.8 one cause used the previous crack. im running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. thanks.

  30. install and crack worked fine. never copied a disc yet it tells me i have reached the limitation allowed within a week. Is there any way around this or did i do something wrong?

  31. hi. its working for me. the program runs. haven’t tried using it though. did you replace the required three files in the fix folder?

  32. megahertz crack is working once. Then error checking variable memory error!
    Still waiting for an functionable crack from CHVLoader

  33. hi.been trying it again. its glitchy,but works. if you get that memory error,just close it and run it again. most times it will work. good till something else comes along.

  34. hi. did you copy all three files into dvd fab program files and then run it using crack file? its glitch. will get memory error message sometimes but just close that and run it again. might have to do it couple times

  35. hi. just downloaded the 32 and 64 bit ones from torrent file and has the memory fix. have to make sure the 32 bit one and fix go into the same folder. heres the message that it had > What’s New:

    Fixed “Memory check error” at some launches. There won’t be this error at any launch now.
    Simplifed activation.


    Unpack and install.
    You will need internet connection for DVDFab. It’s because it takes license info from licensing server and you need to enable internet before the launch.
    Install activation depending on your system architecture.
    Confirm replacing and proceed.
    Run as Admin from the original desktop shortcut.
    Choose “Don’t show again” when your licesing information is showed. No need to close it at every launch.
    All modules in All in One will be activated with no expiration.

  36. when I installed the 32 bit one first, it installed to the> program 86 folders>,but when I run the activator it installs the files to the just the program folders. so I went into that dvd fab folder and moved the files over to the right one and it worked. the 64 bit one installs to the right folder and activates no problem. confusing but I hope that helps some people?

  37. hi. it worked for me but have to get past the pop up ads. if your using an ad blocker,that could be blocking it? I used the upload.ee option. if at first you get that dreaded contact Microsoft blah blah ad, that one is hard to close. I close it by running task manager and will see it in there and close it that way. it will close your browser though and will have to go through the process again and that dreaded ad should not come up again.

  38. new version 8.8 coming soon. when I run dvd fab,it says theres a new update but when I click to download it in that window, it downloads the old one and its not on their site yet.

  39. ugh. must be a glitch or something. when I click to update, it uninstalls the one already installed. then when it installs the update, its the same one 8.7 and the activation is removed and it still says theres a new version. 8.8 tried it several times with same result.

  40. Ciao Grey, can you reverse posts from the most recent to the oldest? Or do you delete old posts?
    The instructions is not correct, see your post 26 March-
    Thanks for the work you do!!! Michele

  41. hi. thanks. it was on there, but its gone now sorry. it had the same activators they have posted here now though. have a good one

  42. hi. works great. thanks for your quick work. cracks for both the 32 and 64 bit were in the one download, though have separate links for them. have a good one.

  43. if anyone prefers using the dvd fab mini feature, theres a megahertz crack for the 32 bit only version that activates that also. can be found on the release bb site.

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