AOMEI Backupper Pro 6.5.0 with Activator [All Editions]

AOMEI Backupper is convenient and easy to use program for backup and recovery of the computer system for creating digital copies of disks and disk partitions. AOMEI Backupper offers all basic capabilities to create reliable backup and recovery of entire disks, disk partitions and files selected by the user. The program is unique in that it supports VSS technology to Microsoft, which allows records to be carried out without interfering with the running applications. AOMEI Backupper can send messages via e-mail upon completion of backups, create log files, allows backups to network modes have mode for copying sector-by-sector and can create disk boot Linux-based kernel

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Download AOMEI Backupper Installer

Download AOMEI Backupper Registrator & Serial Key-xanax v1.1 / Mirror

Previous Versions:

Download AOMEI Backupper Registrator – hawk007

Download AOMEI Backupper Registrator – hawk007

Download AOMEI Backupper Registrator & Serial Key-xanax

Download AOMEI Backupper Registrator & Serial Key by XANAX

AOMEI Backupper 4.5.1 Technician Plus Activated

AOMEI Backupper Pro 4.1.0 with Keygen



Readers Comments (18)

  1. All your versions are the old and NOT the new
    Please fix.
    Thank you

  2. Xanax register doesn’t work. “wrong version” error

  3. SOFIA INES VICENTE 24/03/2019 @ 12:16 AM



  5. DR.P.K.KAUSHIK 19/08/2019 @ 10:30 AM

    Working perfectly thank you very much.

  6. Hans Jürgen Haring 22/08/2019 @ 12:05 PM

    War mit 7.1 sehr zufrieden. Danke.

  7. Ricky Pasetyo 15/11/2019 @ 9:44 PM

    Es Cendol….Suegeerrr.

  8. Scusate la mia ignoranza in materia, ma come posso fare se non riesco a cambiare version.ini? Blocco note mi dà sempre “accesso negato”! Grazie

    • click sul globo e poi nella casella di ricerca, scrivi blocco note (o notepad) appena appare l’icona del programma ci clicchi sopra e scegli “Esegui come amministratore”. Una volta aperto, da File->Apri apri il file che ti serve e poi salvi.

  9. Your current Pro version installer link is wrong version. It’s still 8.3 and it should be 8.5

  10. You stupid sucker ! The shit doesn’t not work with v5.5 -DIE!

  11. This latest 5.7 totally fubared my previous install. Crack does not work at all.

  12. Nevermind, I got 5.7 to work. Crack works fine, it was an error on my part.

  13. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

  14. The zanax activator did not work for me but AomeiBackupperOfflineRegistrator_hawk007
    did a good job and activated this program properly.

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