Bitsum ParkControl Pro with Activator

Bitsum ParkControl Pro is a small GUI that allows the user to enable or Disable CPU Core Parking and Frequency Scaling in real-time, without any reboot. As we expand support for the latest generation of processors, such as Skylake where Intel took back control of core parking from the OS because the OS was too inefficient on ramp-up time, we feel vindicated. A performance issue caused by the desire to be ‘green’ existed and Bitsum was one of the first to address it. By default, Windows simply parks too aggressively even in it’s default High Performance power scheme. ParkControl will give you control of all this in real-time.


Download ParkControl Installer |- x86
Download ParkControl Installer |- x64

Bitsum All Products Activator by RadiXX11

Bitsum ParkControl Activator by BTCR

Activation Info

block the program in your firewall and do not patch the hosts file, because developers checking the hosts file.

Previous Version Keygen

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.12-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.10-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.9-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.8-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.7-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.6-RadiXX11

Bitsum Optimizers Patch v1.5-RadiXX11

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