Donation Campaign 2021-22 – Achieved

Target Achieved 💥

Dear All Our Visitors,

If you like our site and find our work useful, please consider donating, your great contributions help us to pay for the server cost, domain renewal, and other maintenance costs of this site.The costs of our servers & domains are almost high, and now we are running out of money.

Last year, Unfortunately we cannot complete the donation campaign (2020-21) because of Corona Virus, now we are out of money, so we started again the campaign for the year 2021-22, We greatly appreciate donors kindness to our blog. And also need all of yours valuable support for the this donation campaign.

Our Yearly Expenses as follows:

Domain Renewal $29.00
Server Hosting$106.00
Miscellaneous Exp.$65.00
Total Yearly Expenses$200.00


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