Blumentals Easy GIF Animator with Serial

Easy GIF Animator is designed to create an animated gif-file. Easy GIF Animator has a lot of settings and allows you to control all aspects of an animated gif-file, including the length, color palette, etc. Allows the use of effects, including adding text to an image, the preview in a browser, convert gif-animation as an AVI. Has flexible output file size optimization, which includes several methods of optimization. You can use special features to add more interesting visual effects and prepare your animation for publishing on your web page, blog or forum. It supports all types of GIF-animation and provides high compression and high quality for your “moving pictures.” Plus, you can add that Easy Gif Animator lightweight (angl.easy – light), not only to use, but also occupied its space (set program of 10.4Mb), with all its power and versatility.

  • Easily create animated banners, pictures and buttons
  • Creation of animated images from scratch
  • Edit and modify animated GIF images
  • Add visual effects to GIF animation
  • Create moving text effects
  • Optimize GIF animations to reduce the size and fast download
  • Preview the animation in web browser
  • Resize whole animations at once
  • Manage animation frames
  • Set the number of repetitions and duration of the frame
  • Extract separate animation frames
  • Easy to install transparency
  • Add sound to animation
  • Save animation in SWF format
  • Export animation in AVI format
  • Use GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images in your animation
  • Generate HTML code for publishing on the Internet

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