Files Inspector Pro 4.0 Full

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File Inspector Pro analyzes the contents of your hard drive to help you clean up and archive your data. It shows you what data takes up the most space on your computer.

This disk file analyzer has several features related to analyzing hard disk contents (internal and external) and freeing up valuable space on the SSD or HDD. They find out how much capacity photos, music, videos, files downloaded from the Internet or installed apps, and games need.

You can also easily identify which folders on the disk contain the most data and which specific files are the largest in the folders. You can then delete unnecessary data directly in Files Inspector, and the application will calculate how much disk space is free. You can always undo your changes until you close Files Inspector.

Files Inspector Pro has a special function for compressing photos without losing their quality, lossless photo, and image compression. You can save a lot of simplicity with this handy feature. This can help reduce the disk space occupied by photographs by approximately 10%.

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Download Files Inspector installer x64

Download Chemtable Software x64 Patch -RBC Mod by ARMOUR

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