Time Boss Pro 3.38.001 with Keygen

Time Boss PRO is a lightweight software application that comes packed with various computer, browser, and messenger time limitations for helping you monitor other users’ activity on the computer and you can use in case you want to administrate subordinate users’ access to a computer. With this utility, you can define which programs or Internet sites are restricted and to whom. You can also define when and for how long a certain user can access a particular program, site, folder, or disk. You can also change all these settings with just a few clicks even when it comes to the current day.

The utility allows you to set the time limits per week, per day, or by timetable. Moreover, the restrictions you define are secure, as the utility has system info protection. In other words, you can forbid users to change system data or to open the task manager and, consequently, forbid them to uninstall or delete this application.


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