MediaChance UltraSnap Pro 4.3 with Keygen

UltraSnap PRO is a windows image and vector editor, smart clipboard processor, image tracer and screen grabber. You no longer have to open your image editing software to add captions or annotations, cursors, arrows or combine multiple images or screen shots into one image. The software was originally build for creating screen captions of our other software when making help files, which allows for quick adding annotations, mouse cursors, arrows etc…all without the need to save files or go to other editng applications. Over the years it grew into a full blown editor with image editing, vector editing, tracing … all while seamlessly working with windows clipboard. UltraSNAP stays minimized in Windows Tray, just a keyboard shortcut away. You can customize the hot-keys for various functions such as grabbing a screen region or a window under cursor.

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