Macrium Reflect v7.3.5854 (x64) All Edition with Patch

Macrium Reflect – Our image based backup and disaster recovery solutions have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power. Our entire focus is helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs.


  • New Backup Engine: Incremental and differential images up to 60 times faster
  • Instant virtual booting of backup images: instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Ultra-fast Live imaging of windows systems, physical and virtual
  • Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy
  • Greatly simplified administration including pre-defined Backup Plans for popular backup strategies
  • Fully featured file and folder level backup and recovery
  • Updated support for all the latest Windows Operating Systems and disk formats

Download Page

Download Links v7:

Macrium Reflect All Editions v7.2 Patch-MPT

Macrium Reflect Cleaner Oct.2019-hawk

If activation failed,

  1. Use the cleaner by hawk to uninstall Macrium completly
  2. Install Macrium again
  3. Activate through MPT Patch

Note: ♦Patch Works only in x64 PC♠

Download Links v7 – x32:

Previous Patch

If any activation error occurs, please do the following :

  1. Uninstall any previous version
  2. Clean Traces with Macrium Cleaner
  3. Install New Macrium Reflect
  4. Apply patch by xanax
  5. Done. Launch application

Readers Comments (15)

  1. Your download links are still for 7.1.3317 and not 7.1.3480.
    You are wasting our time.

  2. 7.2.3906 server needs a registration code to be able to install…

  3. Thanks.

  4. Today, August 14, 2019, Macrium notified me NOT to use this version 7.2.4414 as it is not finalized and it is still in beta testing.
    Macrium strongly recommends to ONLY use version 7.2.4325 which is the latest version available at their website.

  5. Nothing but errors. Instructions were written by someone who knows how it should work and does not explain well enough to new users. The patch had a blank space for Filename. What filename should be there? Its’ not possible to type into that space anyway. Clicking the patch button just produced a bunch of file loading errors. This is a waste. Uninstall. There are plenty of backup apps that I don’t have to jump through hoops for.

  6. November 30, unable to download “Macrium Reflect All Editions v7.2 Patch-MPT”, keep getting this warning error below:
    “File is removed by the file owner or by Copyright complaint”

  7. Wasting my time 30/11/2019 @ 10:21 PM

    Your 7.2 Patch link is NOT WORKING.
    Please FIX IT.

  8. We extremely sorry, Link Updated

  9. Thanks a lot, the download link for 7.2 Patch is now fixed and working properly.

  10. Best work ever, Thanks Sir.

  11. Today’s current version is v7.2.4859 while you offer here an older version 7.2.4744.
    Maybe you would like to update yours.

  12. After clicking on Redeploy to new hardware option it crearly says this version is not registered.

  13. All of you supposed to have to be most grateful. The group have very hard working to bring us this great software absolutely for free. Thank you very very very much, CRACKSURL. Please, keep this great job. If we can help in any way, please let us to know. Thanks.

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