UFS Explorer Professional Recovery with Fix

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a full application features developed specifically for the professional data recovery. The software successfully combines the features test data and manage low-level data with the feature data recovery high-level. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is the only application of group UFS Explorer allows to change original information on the storage. This software supports a wide range of Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD file systems, as well as various storage technologies, including Windows Dynamic Disks, Storage Spaces and deduplication, Linux mdadm and LVM with Thin Provisioning, and Apple Software RAID, Core Storage and Time Machine. Moreover, it allows decrypting volumes encrypted with BitLocker, FileVault 2, LUKS and APFS directly in its interface, skipping the step of volume unlocking in the operating system.


  • Tools recovery data all-in-one
  • Check data recovery fast and quality good and data recovery using single utility.
  • Quick check consistency of information
  • Use the navigation repository context dependent recognition file and folder details, fragmentation, etc.
  • Recovery from file system alternative
  • Detection details, file system practical and earlier after format and targeting recovery process at the state system specific files.
  • The creation and analysis of RAID
  • Unique utility to analyse and virtually reconstruct the RAID storage complex.


Download UFS Explorer Professional Recovery with Fix – de!

Download UFS Explorer Professional Recovery with Fix – de!

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