Approximatrix Simply Fortran 3.35.4216 with Key

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Simply Fortran is a complete Fortran development solution for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. The package incorporates the Simply Fortran Integrated Development Environment, including an integrated debugger, and the GNU Fortran compiler. Approximatrix Simply Fortran is an inexpensive way for anyone to productively develop using the Fortran language. It is designed to provide an efficient and user-friendly environment for Fortran development, with features such as code editing, debugging, and project management tools.

Simply Fortran supports the Fortran 2008 standard and includes features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and automatic indentation to aid writing Fortran code. It also has a built-in compiler that allows you to compile and run your Fortran programs directly from the IDE.

The IDE provides a graphical debugger to help you debug your Fortran code, allowing you to set breakpoints, test variables, and step-by-step execution of your program. Simply Fortran also offers project management capabilities, allowing you to organize your Fortran code into projects, manage dependencies, and build complex applications with multiple source files.

Features of Approximatrix Simply Fortran

  • Can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems
  • Benefits from a simple Windows start page
  • Ability to create and display two-way charts, bars, or graphs
  • Benefits from the AppGraphics library in the Windows version
  • Full support for this software from
  • OpenMP Quick Search in Windows lets you do this
  • Support for Syntax Legacy and Modern Fortran

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